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Faith and Money

May 26, 2020

Are you weary of the frenzy of producing and consuming? The endless cycle of work-more-spend-more is exhausting, but even when we want to escape the cycle, it can seem impossible.

In this week’s program, we are moving further into the practical aspects of connecting our money and our faith. Pastor Matthew Colwell will show us why and how to slow our lives down a bit, and remember who we are and whose we are. Then Angela Lincoln and Tim Darst will share their story of choosing to consume less than is typical in the U.S., opening a full and faithful life for themselves and their daughters.

Through their story, we can begin to see the advantages of being thoughtful consumers, knowing that how we live affects other people and the planet, and how conscious consumption choices can free us to enlarge our mission and impact in the world. Please join us as we continue to make the connection between our faith and our money.

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