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Faith and Money

Jul 14, 2020

Would you like to go meet the neighbors? The gospel calls us to love our neighbor-- and we know that means all of God’s children-- but it’s difficult to think about people, much less love them, when we know nothing of their lives, their hearts or their history.

A Faith and Money Network Trip of Perspective is an opportunity to spend eye-opening days with people who may not have material things but spiritually, they are incredibly rich.

In spending time together, relationships are born and nurtured. And knowing someone, caring about someone, changes the way we see anything that affects them, from the weather to international policy, and changes the way they see the things that affect us.

Our guests today, Rev. Djaloki Dessables and Kim Montroll, have fascinating and touching stories from leading Trips of Perspective to Haiti. You will start to see through new eyes as we make cross-cultural connections between faith and money.