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Faith and Money

Jul 7, 2020

An estimated 5,000 times a day, our children are exposed to an ad that tells them they need one more thing or one more experience to be happy and accepted.

As parents, making the connection between faith and money, we know those messages of “never enough” are toxic to our children’s spirits and will distort their lives. But how do we offer God’s life-giving understanding of money when the commercial culture is in the very air they breathe?

Our guests today will restore our hope that we can raise our children with a sense of their place in God’s economy of enough for all.

Susan Taylor’s family talks and walks (however imperfectly) their understanding of God’s call to justice and community. And Caroline and Jason Bernhardt-Lanier are raising four children within a loving tension between a background of affluence and hearts committed to God’s call to be present to the poor. Join us as we make a multi-generational connection between faith and money.